Selasa, 24 April 2012

My Beef Teriyaki

 Voila! It's my new hobby, Cooking! \(^o^)/ Well, usually I make Chinesse cuisine or any other simple cuisine. But I wanna do some experiments :D Luckily, I was success :)

 I love beef so here it is, Beef Teriyaki made by me ^___^  Here's the recipe, it's easy

Ingredients :
1. Sliced Beef
2. Garlic and Onion
3. Ginger (to reduce the smell of beef)
4. Water
5. Teriyaki Sauce
6. Corn Starch
7. Sesame ( for garnish)

How to Make ~
1. Chop the garlic, onion, and ginger
2. Stir the garlic, onion, and ginger in medium gas until it's smell good
3. Put the sliced beef and water and boil it together the beef become brown
4. Pour the teriyaki sauce and boil it together until the beef become soft
5. Dissolve the corn starch with water and then pour it to the beef while stir it slowly
6. Wait for a bit and then serve it in bowl / plate
7. Sprinkle the sesame for garnish, it will make the beef taste more delicious

Well, hope it's helpful for you :)

Maki Otsuki - Memories Lyrics ( One PIece 1st ED)

This is the first ending for anime "One Piece". I choose this song's lyrics to post because it remain me about my friendship when I was in Junior High School. Me and my best friends used to listened this song and singing together. ' Friendship Spirit' in this song touched us. So, we decided to make this song as our Friendship Theme.

Romaji Lyrics
Chiisana koro ni wa takara no chizu ga
Atama no naka ni ukandeite
Itsudemo sagashita kiseki no basho o
Shiranai dareka ni makenai you ni

Ima de wa hokori darake no mainichi
Itsu no hika subete mo
Toki ni mi o makaseru dake

Moshi mo sekai ga kawaru no nara
Nanimo shiranai koro no watashi ni
Tsurette ite omoide ga iro asenai you ni

Chiisana koro kara uta wo utatte
Yume miru kokoro atatametetta
Minna de maneshita himitsu no merodii
Kondo wa jouzu ni kikoeru you ni

Ima de wa tame iki tsuite bakari de
Daremo mada hontou no
Yume sae tsukamenai mama

Moshi mo jidai ga modoru no nara
Namida wo shitta koro no watashi ni
Tsurette itte setsunasa ga o itsukana you ni

Moshi mo sekai ga kawaru no nara
Nanimo shiranai koro no watashi ni
Tsurette itte omoide ga iro asenai you ni

Tsurette itte omoide ga iro asenai you ni

English Translation
When I was young, a treasure map
Was spread in my mind
Making sure that someone unknown won't take
The miraculous place that I've been searching for

Right now, it's life filled with dusts
Someday, I'll leave it up too
Everything's time

If the world ever changes
Take me to myself that never know a thing
Making sure that memories won't fade away

I was singing since I was small
Warming the heart by that dreams
The secret melody that everyone imitated 
Making sure that it can be done better this time

Right now, I'm keep on sighing
Everyone is still unable to
Grab the true dream

If the time ever goes back
Take me to myself that learned tears
Making sure that loneliness can't catch up

If the world ever changes 
Take me to myself that never knew a thing
Making sure that memories won't fade away

Making sure that memories won't fade away

Jumat, 20 April 2012

Exam has Finished \(^o^)/

Hello minna! Finally I'm back ^o^ *giggles* national exam had finished last Thursday and I'm be able posting on blog again :DD few weeks has passed since my last posting and some things happened to me.

First of all, I got accident in 3th April and it made my tooth broken ._." I fell from motorcycle which I was riding, and then BUMP! a car in my left side hitted me and then I fell off, but somehow the motor kept going and I got dragged for two meters and I took off my hand from the motorcycle after hearing people around was scream out ._."" luckily my brain was still work to protect my ownself. People whom were around helped me and then I got cured in hospital. After I went home and my mom saw me, she got pale and for next few days she didn't want to see me because of my scary wound. But I didn't think it's scary after all ._."" but for now almost all of my injuries has healed except for my left feet since it got the worst injuries from all. I've been restraining myself to not do anything will harm myself until exam. Now, national exam has finished and I can do anthing \(^o^)/ but of course I have to go to school to preparation for national exam entrance for University. I still need to study although it doesn't as long as preparation for national exam. I wish I'll pass the recommendation letter :))

For few weeks, I was offline from facebook and somehow it felt peaceful :)) maybe I should do it more often xDD the graduation ceremony will come and I need to make kebaya (Indonesian traiditional clothes which is so beautiful) for the graduation ceremony. Me and my classmates decided to wear a similiar color :)


This Thursday, I felt so happy somehow. I felt happy all day and almost couldn't stop smiling. After the last bell rang, I texted a friend of mine directly and saying "National exam has finsihed \(^o^)/ " but he didn't replied -,- well sometimes he is that kind of guy, but still he is my best friend :)

Hmm, maybe my next posting is about recipe or a story which my otouto requested xDD I cooked a delicious beef and decided to post it in blog. I thought a lot of things for posting :DD but for now I need to hurry up and get ready to my friend's house because I'll be interviewed as a cosplayer. I'll tell the rest later, ok? :D

Matta ne minna-san ^o^)/