Senin, 26 Oktober 2009

Tsuki Naifu Lyrics

If my words are not enough
You may slice my chest open with a knife and hollow it out

The truth is, even I've noticed
Most of your indecision and excuses

Someday, will I hate someone the way I did again?
If I do, then you should hold me
Tighter and tighter, so I stick in your heart like a thorn
I should remain with you always, always

It's too late for me to say anything, but
It's probably okay for all your words to be lies

If all I do is repeat these kinds of situations,
Will my tears reach to the moon someday?

Will I be able to love someone the way I did again?
When I do, then time should
Surely, surely flow like a fragrant breeze
It should go on forever, always, always

This song is sing by Suga Shikao as Original Soundtrack in "Honey and Clover" anime. I choose this lyrics to post because I have special memory with this song. When I was 2nd grade in Junior High School, I often to listened this song. When, me and my boyfriend have a special moment, I was listening this song too. When, I have insomnia, I have to listen this song. It makes me feel sleepy and feel calm. The guitar sound also good and have romantic sense.