Minggu, 17 Januari 2010

The princess and The Knight chapter 1

Once upon a time, there was a dear little princess. She lived in beautiful palace. Everyone in the kingdom really loved her. She is lovely, kind, and also beautiful. The King and Queen and also her brother loved her so much. Everyday, the litlle princess played in the garden with her brother.
But someday, her brother became Prince and have to do his job as a Prince. So, he couldn't play with the Princess anymore. So, the Princess played alone in the garden. Suddenly, a boy came and played with her.
In the palace, the King and Queen introduced a new Knight to the Princess. The Princess was really shocked because that's the boy who played with her. The boy introduced himself as her Knight. The princess didn't know what the "Knight" mean...
" So, he will always by my side?" the Princess asked to he Queen
" Of course, he will" said the Queen
So, the Princess thinked that the Knight will be her friends forever and always played with her.

Since that moment, the Princess always played with the Knight. But sometimes, the Prince played with them too. The three of them became bestfriend.

As the time pass, they became teenager now and absolutely she have her job as a Princess too. And the Knight always by her side to protect her. ut, the Knight felt something strange towards the Princess. As the time pass by, the Knight realized his feeling. He loved the Princess. But this fact make him confused. He know about his position and what will happenned if he loved the princess. At least, the Princess will be married with Prince from another kingdom. So, he kept it as a secret. But, he can't pretend too long. At least, he said that he loved her. The Princess became confused about her feeling. So, she decided to have a vacation. Then, she thinking hard about this. And she realized that she love the Knight too. So, when the princess came back from her vacation, she told him. Finally, they became a lover. But, something terrible happenned.

The Queen and Prince -her brother- disagree with their relationship. They were against the Princess and the Knight. And the worse the Prince challenged the Knight. The Princess became confused and stressed. She didn't know what to do. Fortunately, the King supported her. The King said he will agreed whatever his daughter choose. After thinking about strategy, she have to moved quickly before the fight started....