Jumat, 02 Maret 2012

End Year Holiday

On last December 24th I had my 17th birthday and my boyfriend sent me a package from his country as my birhtday gift >w< ouu he is so romantic. Although the package arrived 3 weeks after that, I was still happy. I got a pink winter coat, a pink dress, a silver necklace, a box of caramel chocolate, and also a love letter from him which I asked :3 The letter was really sweet and romantic, he made 4 poetry about me ~

I spent my new year eve in my uncle's house, it's still in Jakarta too. I didnt do much in there and the bad part was I gained my weight again QwQ the meals in my uncle house was delicious since the housekeeper cooked it well and I just kept eat, eat, and eat again. I'm a gluttony and it's hard to resist delicious food. In the 30th December I went to watch movie and bought Zero's necklace in an anime store >w< I love it so much and I still wear it until now ~

In The New Year Eve, me, my little sister and my uncle's family went out and had a tour in Jakarta toll road :D it was fun and we saw many lights and fireworks around Jakarta. But unfortunately I asleep at 10 pm because too tired and I woke up in the next morning. Was it mean I slept for a year? :D

In 2nd January me and my friends went out to found any costume shop, so we could rent it. The first shop was expensive and the quality wasn't good. But, some of my friend chose costumes from that shop. So the people left had to sought another shop and we found it. The quality of the 2nd shop was better than the previous one, and I got a red light dress. Actually I dislike the color since I had yellow-brownish skin, but I had no choice because it was the one left for my size. Well, it was the bad part of being small -.-

In 7th January we had our photo shoot for year book photo. The photo shoot taken place in my friend's house. And somehow I looked like a vampire or any other evil creatures. Well it doesn't really matter for me. Since my next cosplay is to be a vampire, I thought "looks like vampire" as a compliment :DD The photo-shoot went well although it was raining all day. We had roasted chicken and bakmie as our lunch, we chose one of that meals. Then after everything finished and we've had cleaned up my friend's house me and my best friends decided to go home since it already evening ~

Well that was how my holiday end ~

Hontou ni gomene ~

Konbanwa minna-san ^o^" sorry I didn't write for a really long time. Many things happened and I didn't even think about this blog :/

National exam and entrance exam for university is coming, so I need to prepare everything. I'll choose psycology and criminology as my subject and I wish I can pass the qualification since I got recommendation letter >w<

Start from this January, somehow I became an active cosplayer and met many cosplayer friends. I met many people from various age. Once, we had shooting as participant of quiz in a TV show. On 4th February 2012 we had "The Biggest Event" called Hellofest 8 : Anima Expo. It was an event of screening short-movies and also cosplay competition. Cosplayer in Java region, and some from other island came to Jakarta to attend Hellofest. It was the biggest event I ever attend. Even some of foreigner cosplayer came to attend, and moreover Danny Choo came to be a judge for the cosplay competition. Whoa, I can't draw how happy I was at that event. We were having so much fun, in the next post I'll post completely about Hellofest ok? ^o^

This time, I updated this blog and add a cute calendar and yummy clock *o* I hope everyone like it ^o^ well well, practice test had finished, except for swimming. It's time to concentrate and have intensive schedule to study since I'll have school final exam in 19th March. Yush! Ganbatte ^o^ well, I'll tell some of my memorable stories in the next posts ok? ~