Jumat, 05 Maret 2010

The Princess and The Knight chapter 3

The Princess lived happily with the Knight. But, they didn't lived in the Palace. They chose to lived in the village, with other villagers. When villagers knew about it, they were so happy. They admired the Princess so much and finally could meet with her face-to-face. When the Princess arrived, the villagers welcome her with big celebration.

As day passed by, everything going well. The Princess lived in harmony with other people. And the Knight always helped when they need. But, suddenly a Prince from another kingdom came. He wanted to married with the Princess. But, he got disappointed when he knew that the Princess already married. So, he went back to his Kingdom. But, when the Princess told that story to the Knight, his react was really surprising. He said that it'd be okay if the Princess loved another man. The princess was shocked when she heard this. Because of it, they have arguing each other. But, the Knight realized his fault and apologized. Few days more, the Knight came home with a women along with him. He said that she is the Knight's sister.

The Princess and The Knight chapter 2

When the princess arrived to the battle ground, she was looking for the knight. Even she had to went around, but she found nothing. Then, she went to the north gate. And she found the Knight. The Knight looked so surprised. Then, the Princess said that she already have a solution to solve this problem. The Princess begged the Knight to trusted her, and he did.

Then, the Princess went to her brother room. Then, she asked why'd her brother became angry. And it's because he was afraid if the Knight hurt her. The princess told that she really loved the Knight, and even it would be hurt in the end, it's okay for her. The Prince looked so confused. He wanted to trusted his sister, but he still not certain. The Princess understood about it, and she went out from his room. Finally, the battle was canceled.

In the palace, the Princess told her idea to the King. The King looked worried about it. But, he trusted his daughter. Then, the Prince also trusted her. And now, she have to convinced her mother. At the first time, the Queen didn't believe it anymore. She looked so disappointed and angry because the Princess's solution. But, when she saw the princess came along with the Knight and looked so happy, she was giving up. Finally, she believed them and allowed their relationship. After that, the princess and the Knight married and celebrate it with small party.