Selasa, 26 Juni 2012

End of April

Hey minna-san! ^o^)/  In 27th April my cousin had his 9th birthday. So, me, my sister, my aunt, and my cousins celebrated it in a restaurant. Since my aunt was on the way from her work, we went to the restaurant with another car and arranged to meet her in the restaurant. She had reserved a VIP room for us so we ordered some food, and I was on diet so I just chose Yang Chau Fried Rice, that's my favorite fried rice :D we were being served by the manager and he said we could order whatever meals which we want. Actually, I wanna try the grilled ribs sibnce it looked yummy *q* but my cousin (the one who had birthday) wanna played in game station so I accompanied him and we played together xDD he played "Animal Kaizer" and I played Initial D. I love racing games :D I couldn't take photos because low battery :T after we finished to play, we got back to restaurant and had the birthday cake etc and before we went home, my aunt bought xbox for her sons ~

IN 28th April, I had so much fun with my aunt :D We went to dentist, while we were on the way there my aunt played orchestra songs with a high volume and drove in a fast-speed, at least more than 100km/h. For me, it was cool to had that kind of things. I always want to drive in a high speed with a high volume music in my car :D in the hospital, we had lunch first in Oh La La Cafe. I had beef pastry and hot chocholate, and my aunt had tuna salad and raisin pastry. For the last, we had pizza. Man, it was delicious xDD I miss eating pastry since I was on diet for my cosplay project and also graduation ceremony. The dentist cleaned my teeth and she said I need to had ortho (rontgen for teeth) and wear a bracket, after that I need to use an implant teeth because my teeth had broken when I had motorcycle accident. But I never do it until now :p When the dentist patched my teeth, she told me to open my mouth widely. Mam, I have small lips so get used to it -_- When my aunt gonna pay the fee for both of us, I got surprised to know that I spent more than a millin just for teeth. Hey, I just had cleaned my teeth and temporary patched teeth. I can get two gowns of yuuki kuran with that money -w-

Well, back to the topic, next we went to mall. We had monthly shopping for daily needs and we bought a lot

We bought a lot, didn't we? xDD

Then, my aunt put the trolley in deposit counter and we went to iBox. My aunt bought Macbook and it took times for her -w- after that we planned to had dinner but I had an urge to go to bookstore, so my aunt just gave me money and I enjoyed myself in bookstore while my aunt sought for restaurant, what a meanie nephew :p I bought kokoro bottan / Love Button volume 6 and a novel "Oppa and I" Then, I rushed to my aunt because we had kare for dinner  xDD \(>w<)/

I ordered a spicy original kare with rice, and my aunt had spaghetti with very spicy kare. Then my aunt gave me a big full spoon of her spicy kare. It taste like chili powder was being sprinkle around in your mouth QwQ luckily I had oreo milkshake as my drink My aunt took photo of me and laugh because of my red face. That chili -_-

 This is my kare ^o^ it was so yummy >w<

 This is the "Japanese Salad", that's what is written in the menu ._.

And this is my delicious yet fatful oreo milkshake xDD

We were full and we ruined our diet xDD I gained a kilo so me and my aunt planned to fitness using xbox to loose our fat ~ And when I try to count, I guess me and my aunt (mostly my aunt) spent 20 million rupiah along that day ._.""

Minggu, 10 Juni 2012

Jae Joong - I'll Protect You (lyrics)

Hey guys! Today I'm going to post lyrics from OST. Protect The Boss. I love Jae Joong voice in this song, it makes me melting .//////. Well here it is the lyrics, don't forget about the credit, I don't own anything for this lyrics

눈뜨고도 바라보지 못해 지친 추억에 흐려진 너의 맘을 찾지 못해
많이 울고 지쳐 이상 못해 생각해도 너를 보면 괜찮을 같아

지켜주고 싶어 너의 잘못된 나쁜 버릇들까지도 힘든 웃게 만드는거야
힘들겠지만 사랑해 라고 말도 할거야 먼저 품에 오는 날까지

웃지 못해 웃어도 기억 못해 오늘 하루도 꿈처럼 눈뜨면 사라질 같은
널보고도 곁에 없는 같아 표현이 서투른가봐 사랑하기엔

지켜주고 싶어 너의 잘못된 나쁜 버릇들까지도 힘든 웃게 만드는거야
힘들겠지만 사랑해 라고 말도 할거야 먼저 품에 오는 날까지

혹시 다른 온기를 찾아 내게 떠나가 행복해 할거니
그래도 보낼 없어 baby 죽기보다 아플 텐데

내가 사랑해.. 다른 누구도 아니 앞에 있잖아
내가 손을 잡고 있잖아
누군가의 품에 없어 애써 웃고 있잖아 보낼 없어하는 맘을

English Translation
I can’t look at you even when I have my eyes open
I can’t find your heart which has become cloudy amongst the worn out memories
I can’t do more because I’m tied and cried too much
No matter how much I think, I think I’ll be okay when if I see you

I want to protect you… even your bad habits make me smile when I’m tired
Although it may be difficult, I’m going to say that I love you until the day you first come into my arms

I can’t smile, I can’t remember even when I smile
today also feels like it may disappear like a dream when I open my eyes
Even when I see you, I feel like you aren’t with me
I guess I’m still awkward at expressing my feelings… to love you

I want to protect you… even your bad habits make me smile when I’m tired
Although it may be difficult, I’m going to say that I love you until the day you first come into my arms

Will you become happy when you leave me to find a different warmth?
Even so I can’t let you go baby
It’s going to hurt even more than dying

I love you.. more than anyone… no, I’m next to you
I’m holding your hand
I can’t give you to anyone else’s arms
my heart cannot let you go…why

Korean lyrics by: Mnet
Ttrans by: with