Selasa, 26 Juni 2012

End of April

Hey minna-san! ^o^)/  In 27th April my cousin had his 9th birthday. So, me, my sister, my aunt, and my cousins celebrated it in a restaurant. Since my aunt was on the way from her work, we went to the restaurant with another car and arranged to meet her in the restaurant. She had reserved a VIP room for us so we ordered some food, and I was on diet so I just chose Yang Chau Fried Rice, that's my favorite fried rice :D we were being served by the manager and he said we could order whatever meals which we want. Actually, I wanna try the grilled ribs sibnce it looked yummy *q* but my cousin (the one who had birthday) wanna played in game station so I accompanied him and we played together xDD he played "Animal Kaizer" and I played Initial D. I love racing games :D I couldn't take photos because low battery :T after we finished to play, we got back to restaurant and had the birthday cake etc and before we went home, my aunt bought xbox for her sons ~

IN 28th April, I had so much fun with my aunt :D We went to dentist, while we were on the way there my aunt played orchestra songs with a high volume and drove in a fast-speed, at least more than 100km/h. For me, it was cool to had that kind of things. I always want to drive in a high speed with a high volume music in my car :D in the hospital, we had lunch first in Oh La La Cafe. I had beef pastry and hot chocholate, and my aunt had tuna salad and raisin pastry. For the last, we had pizza. Man, it was delicious xDD I miss eating pastry since I was on diet for my cosplay project and also graduation ceremony. The dentist cleaned my teeth and she said I need to had ortho (rontgen for teeth) and wear a bracket, after that I need to use an implant teeth because my teeth had broken when I had motorcycle accident. But I never do it until now :p When the dentist patched my teeth, she told me to open my mouth widely. Mam, I have small lips so get used to it -_- When my aunt gonna pay the fee for both of us, I got surprised to know that I spent more than a millin just for teeth. Hey, I just had cleaned my teeth and temporary patched teeth. I can get two gowns of yuuki kuran with that money -w-

Well, back to the topic, next we went to mall. We had monthly shopping for daily needs and we bought a lot

We bought a lot, didn't we? xDD

Then, my aunt put the trolley in deposit counter and we went to iBox. My aunt bought Macbook and it took times for her -w- after that we planned to had dinner but I had an urge to go to bookstore, so my aunt just gave me money and I enjoyed myself in bookstore while my aunt sought for restaurant, what a meanie nephew :p I bought kokoro bottan / Love Button volume 6 and a novel "Oppa and I" Then, I rushed to my aunt because we had kare for dinner  xDD \(>w<)/

I ordered a spicy original kare with rice, and my aunt had spaghetti with very spicy kare. Then my aunt gave me a big full spoon of her spicy kare. It taste like chili powder was being sprinkle around in your mouth QwQ luckily I had oreo milkshake as my drink My aunt took photo of me and laugh because of my red face. That chili -_-

 This is my kare ^o^ it was so yummy >w<

 This is the "Japanese Salad", that's what is written in the menu ._.

And this is my delicious yet fatful oreo milkshake xDD

We were full and we ruined our diet xDD I gained a kilo so me and my aunt planned to fitness using xbox to loose our fat ~ And when I try to count, I guess me and my aunt (mostly my aunt) spent 20 million rupiah along that day ._.""

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