Senin, 17 Oktober 2011

"First Day" Reactivating Blog ~

Hi guys! Well, it's night in here so I'll say good evening and hello to to people around the world ^o^)//

This isn't my first post in this blog but finally I reactivated this blog and change some things, like templates, the font, my profile photo, and also the color of the font :3 Yesterday, I got dizzy when changed my old template into a new one which was Yuuki Kuran and Kaname and then a friend of my boyfriend rescued me from desperation xD Many friends helped me that time and I felt so glad that my boyfriend willing to help me :3 But in the end, I haven't feel satisfied yet and tried to make a template by myself (Why don't I do it since the start? ._.")

Well, back to the topic. Starts from now, I'll posting to this blog as often as I can. Ganbatte \(^o^)/