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UFO Baby ( Daa! Daa! Daa! )

    Hello minna-san ^o^)/ it's been a loooong time since I post something. Gomen gomen, I was so busy with my college, research, collecting data, tasks @_@ pardon me, I'm a newbie in college life so I need to do my best in college xD well ~ put that aside, in this post I'll post my review (or you could call it as my opinion and expression ) about UFO Baby >w<

   Huu time flies so fast, that anime has been aired 13 years ago :o huwaaa suddenly I feel so old. I still remember that I used to watch it on local television station in my country every Sunday morning, I guess it was around 7:30 am xDDD This anime has 78 episodes and the genre is School Life, Shoujo, Comedy, and maybe a bit of Slice of Life

   Kozuki Miyu is a middle school girl and she had to stay at her parents friend's house due to her parents job at NASA. Kozuki Miki (Miyu's mom) is an astronaut in NASA while her father (Kozuki Yuu) is an astrophysicist.  Then she stay at her mom's friend house, at Saionji Temple and met a boy named Kanata Saionji. His father is a monk and her mother (Miyu's mom friend) had passed away. In a short time after Miyu arrived, Kanata's dad need to do a training in Nepal and then he go right away, leaving both of them alone in the house. Then, a baby boy named Ruu and his sitter-pet, Wanya appear in front of the house. Later they find out that Ruu and Wanya comes from Otto Planet and got trapped in black hole (or something like that). Otto planet is far away from Earth so they can't contact to the Otto. Since Ruu is a child and due to Miyu and Kanata's resemblances to his parents, Ruu mistaken them as his parents. Then, they started to live as a family.

That was the setting of the series, and then the (un)ordinary life goes ~ as the series aired, many character came up such as Christine Hanakomachi who has a crush (or maybe in love) with Kanata, Cross Santa, Aya-chan, Nanami-chan, Mikan-san, Seiya and his sister, Rui and also Momoka-chan who declared herself as Ruu's lover xDDD later Momoka has a rival and then Kanata also has a self-proclaimed rival, Nozomu Hikarigaoka who become their friends. As the story goes Miyu and Kanata got closer while keep protecting Ruu's secret from everyone although Momoka later find it out ~

   There are so much characters appear in the anime and as the story goes, the more the merrier, that's what I felt when I watched it. The waru-waru gang Dorian, Kiwi and Guava is the antagonist. The interesting part is, later Nozomu and Guava had a cute relationship, especially when Nozomu gave Guava a white rose which means "love". Day by day, Miyu and Kanata past been revealed while they were being more honest to each other. They raised Ruu together and act as their parents, especially after the first contact with the real parents. They promised to be Ruu's parents in Earth while Ruu's real parents was going to Earth with rescue team. In the end of the series Miyu and Kanata's friends find out about the real identity of Ruu and Wanya because Nozomu saw Ruu kun was flying in the school festival. Then Ruu-kun back to his real parents with everyone's help, and Waru-waru Gang also helped them to make the outspace ship. Later, Kanata and Miyu got married and had a daughter, named Miu, Ruu and Wanya then go back to earth >w<

   I haven't read the manga but in the manga, Kanata confessed his love to Miyu after Ruu back to his real parents. What I love in this series? EVERYTHING
    There are moral value in each episodes, and I love the moment when Wanya wrote in the diary. You know what, the feeling of pureness, innocent, friendship, family, love, I can feel almost everything in that anime. And the moment when Chris-chan got in rage mode everytime she imagine about relationship between Kanata and Miyu, that's just funny to me, maybe because Kanata and Miyu's reaction. Well well, sometimes I think that Chris is a yandere :o oh well put that aside please ~ Ah also the moment when there's a 10 yen discount of tofu or egg xDDD Every character in the series has same proportion, they are all support the main character and there's no one to be hated, even Chris-chan has her sweet side too. Momoka, Chris-chan, Santa, Mizuki-sensei, Mikan-san, Yaboshi, Rui, Nanami, Aya, Miyu's parents and Kanata's dad, all of them has their own role in the anime. But what I love the most is the scene whenever Kanata and Miyu looks like a real parents when  they take care of Ruu. They became more mature, especially Kanata. He is so cool no matter how many times passed >w< 

    Although Chris consider Miyu as rival, but she care for her friend :) how sweet of that ~ and all the character has their own role in the series. Sometimes I laugh, mostly because of Chris-chan's rage or maybe

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